front of book Title: Marriott Hot Shoppes Cookbook : Sixty Years Of American Cookery
Publisher: Marriot
Place: Boston
Date: (1987)
ISBN: 0961925701
Pages: 236
Binding: Hardback
Condition: VERY GOOD very good dj
Photographers: Gale Frank-Adise, David Doyl
Book Id: MAIN022903I
Details: Preface by J.W. Marriott, Jr. Introduction by Alice Sheets Marriott, directory of Hot Shoppes, index
Front flap: In reading a cookbook described as "Sixty Years of American Cookery," we expect to find both variety and history. The variety originates in America itself, which has embraced so many cuisines, and in the Hot Shoppes' desire to satisfy changing tastes. The history emerges from sixty years of adaptation in seeking to serve a country that has grown so dramatically.
The Hot Shoppes' culinary history actually begins in the Southwest, where founder J. Willard Marriott first developed his liking for spicy barbeque, chili, and tamales. As the restaurants expanded from counter service to sit-down, drive-in, and finally cafeteria-style service, they also broadened their menu to include breakfast, as well as pastries; soups, poultry, and seafood. At their, height there were over sixty Hot Shoppes serving dishes as diverse as Chicken Tetrazzini and Beef Stroganoff, and as American as New England Clam Chowder and triple decker cheeseburgers.
These carefully preserved recipes adapted for use at home, constitute only a portion of the Hot Shoppes' complete menu over the years. They were selected for you From Marriott's long and carefully preserved list because they're the most representative of the restaurant's essential style hearty, usually simple food, prepared daily and relying upon native seasonings and fresh ingredients
Rear Flap: In 1927, J. Willard (Bill) and Alice left their native Utah to open their first restaurant a root beer stand, whose ice cold refreshments were a popular way to douse the sizzle of a Washington, D.C. summer. To melt the chill of the Eastern winter, they decided to offer hot south western sandwiches, and the first Hot Shoppes were born.
By combining their belief in fair prices, clean and friendly settings, as well as support and affection for co-workers, they built the Hot Shoppes into a group of extremely popular restaurants serving food for the whole family. By extending their philosophy and their extraordinary energy to related areas of hospitality, they helped to develop hotels, other restaurants, catering, and an array of leisure services.
Today the Marriott quality, comfort, and a "hands-on" dedication to the well-being of employees and customers alike
Rear cover: In the sixty years since J. Willard Marriott and his bride Alice opened their first business, an A & W Root Beer stand that later served barbeque sandwiches and chili, Marriott Corporation has grown into a diversified world leader in hospitality. But it was that first "Hot Shoppe" that established the Marriott tradition of courtesy and quality. And it was the Hot Shoppes which followed, offering dining room service, and then introducing the East Coast's first drive-in restaurants and the country's first airline catering, that established the Marriott tradition of providing superior meals for neighborhood families as well as for people, on the move.
The Marriott Hot Shoppes Cookbook celebrates this history of warm hospitality by sharing those recipes which have accounted for the Hot Shoppes' enduring popularity. All of the dishes included have been adapted from the Marriott Hot Shoppes Recipe Cards, which Willard Marriott innovated as a way of insuring consistent quality in all of his kitchens. By following these recipes closely, you can recreate at home the classically American meals that have been a part of so many lives, since 1927.