front of book Author: St. Anthony Croatian Catholic Church Women's Guild
Title: Our Favorite Croatian Recipes
Chairpersons: Madge Penich, Caterine Arkovich
Publisher: St. Anthony Croatian Catholic Church
Place: Los Angeles
Date: (1982)
Pages: 249
Binding: Paperback, Plastic Spiral Bound Wraps
Condition: VERY GOOD
Book Id: MAIN021174I
Details: Signed Recipes. Introduction. Appendices. Index
Try: Croatian Bribirski Prisnuts, Kobasa Sausage, Zeludac Sausage, Croatian Cabbage Soup and Lima Beans (Lenten Soup), Soups from the early 1900s, Croatian Cole Slaw, Kiseli Kupus Salad, Croatian Sauerkraut, Pickled Peppers stuffed with Beans, Spanikopita, Beef Filet with Beet Greens, Croatian Blood Sausage, Country Pot Roast with Noodles, Fresh Ribs with Sauerkraut, Baskotine-Anise Toast, Velvet Wine Cake, Ice Cream Horns, Sponge Moon Cookies, Mandel Stangel Cookies, Walnut Crescents, Cottage Cheese Plum Dumplings, Poppy Seed Kolache, Spinach Wedding Strudel, Fig-Strawberry Preserves, Green Walnuts, Sun Cherry Brandy, Kupus Omelet (Kale), Potato Dumplings, etc.