front of dust-jacketFOOD OF MY FRIENDS
by Virginia Safford.
University of Minnesota Press: (1944).
Illustrations by Grace Keen.
Hardback VERY GOOD very good dj.
310 pages.

Virginia Safford's name became a household word during the twenty-eight years she wrote her daily column for the women's page of the Minneapolis Star and travel features for the Sunday Tribune.

In Food of my Friends, she writes about sixty-eight different Minnesota cosmopolitan hosts and hostesses, blending their favorite menus and choicest recipes with their cooking and entertaining stories. Food of my Friends contains over 300 recipes and some 70 menus evocatively and charmingly presented as well as the details of cooking and serving.

Virginia SaffordFrom the rear flap of dj:
VIRGINIA SAFFORD, who brings the human equation into the news through her popular column in the Minneapolis Star Journal, aspires to eat her way around the world, making friends as she goes. FOOD OF MY FRIENDS will demonstrate that she has made a good start. She holds with the old Arabic saying HE THAT DIPPETH IN THE DISH WITH ME IS MY FRIEND, and believes that now, as in the more bountiful times that have been and will be again, the offering of food is the perfect symbol of friendship. Whether you incline to the grand manner in hospitality or to the dinner-in-a-dish style of entertaining your friends, Virginia Safford shows you how. And she has had the hearty collaboration of many a lover of good dining with good friends. Highly diverting illustrations in black and white, the work of Grace Keen, capture the spirit of Virginia Safford's style and perfectly complement the warmth and friendliness of the book.
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA PRESS notes the following on the copyright page:
Books Are Weapons In The War Of Ideas. The University of Minnesota Press advises that the implementation of some of the luscious dishes described in this book may have to wait upon the new and better world to follow the war... but the book itself has been produced in full compliance with the government's regulations for conserving paper and other essential materials.

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