front of dust-jacket Author: (the) Chamberlains [Narcissa G. Chamberlain and Narcisse Chamberlain]
Title: Flavor Of France in Recipes and Pictures
Publisher: Hastings House
Place Pub: New York
Date Pub: (1960)
Edition: fourth ptg
Pages: 232
Binding: Hardback
Condition: VERY GOOD edge-chipped dj
Photographer: Samuel Chamberlain (b&w photos)
Book Id: MAIN001275I
Details: Introduction, indices
Dj summary: This delightful illustrated cookbook com-bines the best in traditional French family cooking with a photographic profile of France. The recipes demonstrate the good sense and good taste of the everyday French cook, whose kitchen repertory is less elaborate and even more delicious than many people suppose and adapts itself gracefully to American methods and menus. Samuel Chamberlain's nostalgic views of French chateaux and cathedrals, villages and cities, country roads and provincial architecture lend the flavor of France herself to this outline of practical French gastronomy.
Also included are an introduction giving the simple rules for French menu planning and for serving wines; a regional index of pictures; check-lists of provincial specialties and famous classic recipes; a bilingual index of recipe titles; and a collection of sample menus. The recipes have been translated into familiar American kitchen language and measurements, but they will give results as authentically French as the mellow landscapes of France which accompany them.
About the authors/photographer: Samuel and Narcissa G. Chamberlain have for many years championed the cause of French food for Anglo-Saxon kitchens and in a fashion distinctly their own, for their books on the subject have always dealt as much with the charms of France herself as with the well-known virtues of her food and wines. To complete the present volume the family team of authors Mr. Chamberlain, artist, photographer, and gastronome, and his wife, expert cook and kitchen tester has been joined by a new member, their daughter, Narcisse, who planned and edited this collection of recipes.
The Chamberlain family learned to respect the traditions of French food during long residence in France. A French cook who once reigned in their kitchen was the heroine of their first cookbook, Clementine in the Kitchen. Since then, besides Samuel Chamberlain's many illustrated books in other fields, they have published two pictorial and gastronomic epics, Bouquet de France and Italian Bouquet, Mrs. Chamberlain's The Omelette Book, and, with their daughter, the annual Chamberlain Calendars of French Cooking and of American Cooking.